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Vibrating Tongue Ring

What tickles? What hums? What wiggles? What's all this shimmy and shaking? Why, it is the perfect vibrating tongue ring.

Looking for the perfect vibrating tongue ring? Your search for the vibrating tongue bar that is going to give you just the right rattle and hum you want, is now over. You have come to the right place. At, the question "Where to buy a vibrating tongue ring?" has finally been answered.
Does it vibrate? Tongue ring, tickler tongue ring, or French tickler tongue ring - yes, all of them can be fun and playful accessories in your facial and body collection, but the essential question is how do you up the ante of playfulness? By getting more than just a tongue ring, by getting a vibrating tongue ring. The satisfier? Sure, that is the perfect pet name for your new play toy. Get one for yourself or as a gift to someone you know.

A vibrating tongue bar can come in 12g. Vibrating tongue ring are also available in 14g. 14 gauge vibrating tongue ring piercings are more common. A vibrating tongue ring barbell capsule (14g) is normally around 1 inch. At, our vibrating tongue rings come with 2 batteries.

A vibrating, low price tongue ring is not a cheap vibrating tongue ring, it is a priced small vibrating tongue ring with a big vibrating impact. Get a koosh ball vibrating tongue bar or get a chrome plated rainbow vibrating tongue ring. Find your vibrating tongue ring, "the satisfier" - and have a ticklish, humming, wiggling, shimmy, and shaking good vibrations good time.